Wild Rift New Champions List December 2020 Update

League of Legends: Wild Rift is the latest blockbuster mobile game which is currently undergoing open beta testing for various regions. The game will be practically available for most of the regions till the end of this year and with these new regional additions, leaks suggest that new champions are coming in to Wild Rift.

Wild Rift is the portable version of famous MOBA title League of Legends and Wild Rift is the portable version of this game. Wild Rift will be available on mobile and console platforms and the game will have the core LOL gameplay with slight changes to suit the changing platforms. The game duration, items, champions and towers are slightly tweaked.

A limited number of League of Legends champions have made their way in to Wild Rift and while the game recently added seven new champions before entering open beta stage, the leaks suggests that four new champions are getting introduced with the next update.

The list of new champions that can get introduced in Wild Rift are as follows:
Teemo and Draven fit into marksmen category and both can be played as an ADC whereas Diana and Darius are the fighters which can help you carry the game in Baron Lane. Baron Lane in Wild Rift is basically the Top Lane in League of Legends. These new additions can bring some variety to the game and the total number of champions will cross fifty.


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